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Who the Gardening Angels are...

Peggy Fusco, who started Gardening Angels LLC, graduated from the New York Botanical Gardens with a degree in landscape design and is the person that you will contact and talk with about your gardens. She can design one small garden or an entire landscape. She will talk with you about your ideas and make suggestions.

Gardening Angels LLC has been designing, installing and maintaining gardens in and around the Woodstock area and Ulster County since 1982. We are also fully insured.

Gardening Angels LLC is a group of professional landscapers with the common goal to create, honor and support the highest quality outdoor sanctuaries. We are trustworthy, responsible, conscientious and easy to talk to.

We use only environmentally safe products to feed and protect plants from pests and disease.

Gardening Angels LLC
believes that a great landscape invites you into it. Being outdoors in the country is one of life's most beautiful gifts and we strive to multiply and enhance that experience. We want the outside of your home to represent and embrace you as much or more than the inside does.

The healthy life of each plant and its place in the symphony of your garden are our top priorities.

All of our work is guaranteed upon inspection. All of our plants are guaranteed as long as we are given the responsibility to maintain them. Neither Gardening Angels LLC nor anybody else can guarantee that the deer or rodents will not do damage, but we have excellent methods of deterring them.



Peggy will set up the work schedule and talk to you about pricing. She is always on the job site for planning, placement of plants, or if you request that she be there. Every invoice is looked over by her to confirm its accuracy. Peggy is ultimately responsible for everything Gardening Angels LLC does. Her fee is $50 per hour.

There is an onsite manager for each job site. They ensure that each and every detail is carried out to perfection.

We have an assortment of talented people we work with who specialize in different jobs from digging, irrigation and planting to doing stonework, laying patios, etc.

Our estimates are based on time and materials used. The estimation is to give you an idea of the cost but the price may change. If the actual cost is going to be higher then the estimate, we will tell you as soon as we know, so we can plan together and decide about how to proceed. If it takes less time than estimated, we will charge you accordingly.

Our hourly rates:

Crew Hours: $42.00

Design and Consultation: $50.00 The original consultation is free if you hire us to do the work.

Carpentry: $45.00

Leaf Blowing: $45.00

Stonework: $45.00

Poison Ivy Removal: $65.00

Chainsaw Work: $60.00

Hedge Trimmer
: $50.00

Mowing: fixed rate

: $50.00


Please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

thank you,  Peggy Fusco



Gardening Angels LLC - 28 Silver Wings - Woodstock NY 12498 - 845-679-7377 - E-mail