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The March snowstorm wreaked serious damage to my dwarf cherry tree.

Since the tree is over 12-years-old I would hate to lose it. I called Gardening Angels LLC to see if they could come to my home to evaluate the tree to find out if it could be saved.

They came to my home immediately with all the supplies and equipment needed to do the job. There were several branches that could not be saved. Also, (there was) damage to the main trunk. Gardening Angels LLC pulled together split branches and secured them. They also gave me instructions for the future care of the tree to give it the best chance for survival.

The tree now has buds on it and is doing well. I would certainly recommend these professionals to anyone.

Ann Goldsmith



"The place looks absolutely wonderful.

What a spectacular job. The fencing looks great. All is well and the grass is coming in great. Looks wonderful!"

Chad from 'Hudson and Pacific Designs'
(landscape architectural Company,
Saugerties, New York)



"They are almost storybook in nature

"Peggy Fusco and Gardening Angels LLC have been magically transforming my property in Willow for many years. Peggy began working here in the 80's, first constructing stone walls with her fine and meticulous sense of design and space. She then helped design and build a beautiful vegetable garden, and later supervised the construction of its cedar fencing. She also helped plant lots of berry bushes and establish an asparagus bed. Needless to say, the garden has given me pleasure for many years.

More recently, there were the fantastic stone pathways. They are almost storybook in nature, very much in keeping with an old farmhouse, and lead to my entries. Again, everything was well-thought out and beautifully done. Perennials, shrubs, bulbs, trees-- all have been planted here with fine results!! Peggy and Gardening Angels LLC are just what their name implies!"
Joan Ades, Willow, NY


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